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The 100% invisible hearing aid

Smart phones and hearing aids

What is happening in the Australian Audiology market

Consumer NZ says…

The truly ‘invisible’ hearing aid is here. The LYRIC is manufacturer Phonak , who claim it is “The first and only 100% invisible hearing aid”.
The Lyric is a deep-canal-fitting micro device that is fitted by a Lyric specialist audiologist using an ENT microscope.
Hearing aids controlled via smartphone applications are now entering the second generation of technology. Oticon, GN Resound and Starkey are just 3 manufactures that have direct wireless pairing between phones and hearing aids without the use of an interface. These days the consumer should be fully informed before visiting an audiology clinic. Click on this short video and learn what lurks behind the scenes. The information contained in this video is paralleled in the NZ audiology environment. Hearing aids are big business.Are commercial imperatives skewing consumer advice?

The arrival of major international players in the hearing aid game is changing the New Zealand market.


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