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Micro-suction of ear wax

Mobile micro-suction clinic. NEW SERVICE

Hearing Consultants now offers a mobile micro-suction service if you have restricted mobility and do not find it easy to get to one of our clinics.

Contact Hearing Consultants to learn more about our mobile micro-sutcion service.

Why micro-suction?

Micro-suctioning of the ear canals is the recommended method of removing wax and/or debris from the ear canals. Ear syringing with water forced into the ear canals under pressure is not advised, due to the risks of ear drum perforation and irritation caused to the canal dermis by water.

Micro-suction of the ear canal is the cleaning of the ear canal using gentle suction and instruments. At Hearing Consultants this is performed by a Registered Nurse, with expertise in ear health and hearing, using a surgical microscope. Our fully qualified specialist ear nurse can remove the build-up and improve your hearing.

Call the Hearing Consultants reception to make an appointment.


How do you know if you need micro-suction? If you;

  • feel your ears are blocked,
  • have experienced a loss in hearing
  • have a history of wax build up
  • experience tinnitus
  • experience any balance disorder
  • have had previously ear surgery
  • have sensitive ears including itchy ears.