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Workplace ‘Onsite’ Hearing Tests

Accurate hearing tests at your workplace.

We would like to introduce the EARVAN – a mobile hearing clinic which incorporates a sound-treated booth. The booth exceeds the ISO 8253-1:210 sound proof standard which has been adopted by ACC in NZ.

Our mobile service means minimum disruption for your workplace and workforce as we provide on-site, sound-proof assessments. We will come to your workplace and perform hearing tests quickly and therefore less down-time for your staff.
Hearing Consultants have been performing workplace hearing assessments for 20 years.

Hearing Consultants Ear Van for onsite hearing tests

Remember, hearing loss is permanent so it is vital for employers and your employees that workplace hearing damage is avoided, and hearing is monitored for your future protection.

Please contact our clinic to discuss a visit from our mobile clinic for easy and convenient industrial hearing testing.