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Visit Hearing Consultants for all your hearing services and hearing aid needs.

Services we provide:

  • Full hearing assessments / hearing tests.
  • Hearing aid assessments, fitting and fine tuning of all makes and models of hearing aid.
  • We fit the best model of aid for your needs regardless of brand. We sell all brands available on the NZ market.
  • Veteran Affairs assessments (War Pensions).
  • ACC assessments.
  • Civil Aviation, Police, Armed Forces audiometry.
  • Accessable hearing aids subsides, $500 + GST per hearing aid every 6 years.
  • Custom ear plugs to protect your hearing, a must for musicians, noisy work places and motorcyclists.
  • Swim plugs to waterproof your ears.
  • Paediatric assessments, (4 years and older).
  • Work place hearing tests for Industrial Screening.
  • Full Tinnitus assessments and counselling.
  • Unbiased advice on ALL makes and models of hearing aids.
  • Ethical practice with no misleading deals.

We’ll give you up to 45 days free trial with your new hearing aids and accessories for no deposit and with no obligation

Hearing Consultants are proud to be associated with:

  • HEARING DOGS  Hank is our sponsored dog who will soon be going to a home of a hearing impaired recipient.
  • LIFE UNLIMITED  Is a NZ wide organization helping the hearing impaired with devices, such as, amplified telephones, loud doorbells, flashing lights etc.
  • THE HEARING ASSOCATION  Is very active in the Wellington and Lower Hutt region. It offers support, counselling and hearing screening for the hearing impaired.
  • The NZ Independent Audiologists for honest professional hearing advice.