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Lyric – 100% Invisible hearing aid – Exclusive

We are the exclusive Lyric provider south of the Bombay Hills

Hearing Consultants fully qualified Audiologists have received comprehensive Lyric product training. You will receive the full Lyric experience including:

  • a full audiological assessment
  • a full Lyric medical assessment on the health of your ear canal
  • a full Lyric fitting; the process will be fully explained
  • comprehensive post-fitting care
  • a VIP service

We have been a practicing audiology clinic since 1992. You can depend on us.

The only 100% invisible hearing aid in the world

The Lyric enables you to get on with life:

  • you never have to change batteries
  • you never have to take your hearing aid out when you go to bed
  • you never need to take your hearing aid when you have a shower
  • you can hear at the hairdressers
  • you can adjust your Lyric by using your remote control
  • wear your Lyric while playing sport
  • your Lyric may help mask your tinnitus
  • hear 24/7

Can I trial a Lyric before I buy?

There is a no-obligation trial with Lyric hearing aids. You have a 2 month trial period and adjustment.

Can I swim with my Lyrics?

Yes you can. Hearing Consultants will provide a set of moulded swim plugs for you to use.

Can I wear a Lyric while having an MRI or Xray?

It is best to remove the device while having these procedures.

Can I wear a Lyric if I have a pacemaker.

Yes you can. The remote control must be kept away from the pacemaker.

Can I wear my Lyric on a plane and flying?

Yes you can. How long does a Lyric last? Usually, the battery lasts 2-3 months. Just come into Hearing Consultants and we will replace your Lyric with a fresh one.

How long has the Lyric been around?

Lyric was launch in the USA in 2007 and Australia in 2011. Countries that have Lyric available are: UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Switzerland, France and Germany