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The 100% invisible hearing aid

The truly ‘invisible’ hearing aid is here. The LYRIC is manufacturer Phonak , who claim it is “The first and only 100% invisible hearing aid”.

The Lyric is a deep-canal-fitting micro device that is fitted by a Lyric specialist audiologist using an ENT microscope. However, this hearing device is not for everyone. A full communication needs assessment is performed and the size and shape of the individual ear canal is considered.

The Lyric is replaced only when the battery has expired, typically every 2-3 months. As with a conventional hearing aid, fine tuning is an important part of the success and acceptance of the Lyric. Adjustments are made by the Lyric specialist audiologist using a wireless probe which is placed in the entrance of the ear canal.  The Lyric may allow the hearing impaired to successfully use a stethoscope.

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